Bellaire Area Mothers of Multiples

Partnered with Texas Children's Hospital

Texas Children's Hospital
Program for Multiples

BAMOM and Texas Children's Hospital recently entered a partnership aimed to provide additional support to mothers expecting multiples. The program is specific for multiples and addresses the special concerns that arise when pregnant with multiples. Read below for more information on this program and our partnership.

The Program for Multiples at TCH was established to support mothers pregnant with multiples by providing an evidence based consultative service to help promote healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. The program includes a comprehensive ultrasound to assess risk, and appointments with a registered dietician, a genetics counselor and a maternal fetal medicine specialist. At the end of the day, each woman leaves with a personalized medical and nutrition plan to help support her throughout her pregnancy. This does not replace the care from the OB, but in essence is a supplemental "extra appointment because you have an extra baby."

Early screening is key in diagnosing and treating Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome -- a life threatening complication with identical twins. The team at TCH are leading the way in diagnosing and treating TTTS and have helped BAMOM members enjoy a healthy pregnancy and deliver healthy multiples. Most major insurance plans are covering the cost of this screening program -- members are encouraged to verify when calling to enroll.To facilitate the relationship between BAMOM and TCH, The Program for Multiples at Texas Children's Hospital will sponsor the Bellaire Area Mothers of Multiples club in addition to other multiples clubs in the Houston Area. TCH will directly support our mission, " to support expectant, new and experienced parents of multiples through education, resource networking and fellowship with an emphasis toward family participation" through providing expert content in BAMOM newsletters and posts, supporting BAMOM events, giving educational talks at meetings, and offering program information on BAMOM websites.

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